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Sanches de Castro Architectural Practice is involved in designing and realizing a diverse array of urban, cultural and commercial projects.  Our Studio is a collaboration of architects and designers that believe architecture is a practice that can change the world a project at a time. We approach our projects with the attitude that to make great places, you must believe in the future, but also remember the past.

Sanches de Castro Architectural Studio’s architecture emerges from the idea that a building should be expressive and reflect contemporary life. Innovation is at the core of our design process. We believe that bold design must be realized with sustainable technology and we strongly believe that the art of architecture lies in creating a maximum impact within the constraints of budgets and functionality. We know from experience that great architecture comes from working with great clients; however, architecture is a public art and we hold ourselves accountable not only to the client, but to the communities, and cities in which we build.

Tiago Sanches de Castro established Sanches de Castro Architectural Studio in Oporto, Portugal.


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